[FREE iPHONE APP] Swarm by FourSquare – Social Media with some 'Game Competition' on it – Checking In Places You are Visiting

Today FREE iPhone App of the day is Swarm by FourSquare.

What is this app about?
Who doesn’t know FourSquare? In case you don’t know, it’s a social media – like Facebook – focusing on check-in places you are visiting.

Swarm is (not that) new social media platform built on top of FourSquare with “game competition” in mind.

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Turn Everyday into Game
Everyone (well almost) loves competition. Competition that makes life more colorful and not boring.

And that’s the kind of concept FourSquare bring to Swarm. To compete with your friends who gets the best week on the leaderboard. The winner will get sweet bonuses!

Checking-in Your Location
All you need to do is checking in your location for all places you are visiting. When you are checking in, you can also add photos with fun stickers to it.
So your friends will know what and where you are doing right now.

Oh, you’ll get coins as a reward for checking in. Collect the coins to purchase the fun and cute stickers.

Know who’s nearby
One advantage of using Swarm is that you know who is nearby friends who just recently checking in close to you, so you can chill around with them.

And at the end of the week
You’ll get your summary on your profile, what’s the most place you went for the past week including their categories: bar, restaurant, work place, etc. You’ll also get summary of your top friends.

The Verdict
Other than just another social media, Swarm also helps you to find who’s nearby in almost real time, gives you summary on what and where have you been lately and nice rewards and bonuses. If Facebook is boring for you, you should definitely try Swarm by FourSquare.

>> Current Version 4.0
>> Price Totally FREE
>> Internet Connection required Yes
>> Requires iOS 8.0 or later
>> Apple Watch App Support Yes
>> Compatible with the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone 4S and up, compatible with iPhone 6S
  • iPod Touch 5th Gen and up
  • iPad 2 and up 
  • iPad Mini and up
  • iPad Pro

Here is the Apple App Store download link:

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Or alternatively, click this link to download.

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