[FREE iPHONE GAME] Arrow Ambush – Simple, Fun and Addictive Arrow Shotting Game – Must Try Game with 10K 5-star reviews on the App Store

Today FREE iPhone Game of the day is Arrow Ambush.

What is this game about?
Arrow Ambush is a game about shooting arrows to the target without hitting another arrows. It’s a simple game with simple graphics, however the game is somehow extremely popular among those who download the game already.

At the moment, the game already has more than 10K 5-star ratings on Apple App Store and 45K 5-star ratings on Goole Play Store. Awesome.

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Gameplay and Objectives

When you start the game, you’ll see the arrow target in the middle of the screen and the arrow on the bottom of the screen. All you need to do is just tap to release the arrow to the target without hitting other arrows. That simple.

However as you advance to higher levels, the number of arrows you need to shoot increase and the target will spin at different speed and direction.
On the bottom right side of the screen, you’ll see the number of shots left you need to shoot to the target.
On the bottom left side of the screen, you’ll see the level you are in right now.

Collect the golden apple to be exchanged with rebirth.
Rebirth can be used to continue your game where you died.

So what makes Arrow Ambush is so popular?
Like what I wrote in the very beginning, with 10K Apple App Store and 40K Google Play Store 5-star ratings, what makes Arrow Ambush so popular? I personally rate the graphics as standard. No fancy things, not even 3D. The simplicity of the game and its simple objective that makes people including me loves and gets addicted to Arrow Ambush.

The Verdict
Arrow Ambush is addictive, fun and entertaining. It trains you to be patience while staying sharp.
I consider the game as one of the best game to play when you commute or while waiting for other people. How far you can level up?

>> Current Version 1.3.1
>> Price FREE + in-App Purchase
>> Internet Connection required No
>> Requires iOS 7.0 or later
>> Apple Watch App Support Yes/No
>> Compatible with the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone 4 and up, compatible with iPhone 6S
  • iPod Touch 5th Gen and up
  • iPad 2 and up 
  • iPad Mini and up
  • iPad Pro

Here is the Apple App Store download link:

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Or alternatively, click this link to download.

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