[FREE iPHONE GAME] Spinny Circle – Test your Speed, Accuracy and Agility!

Today FREE iPhone Game of the day is Spinny Circle.

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Game about Agility
Spinny Circle is another simple yet fun and addictive to play. The game is about speed, agility and accuracy. Sound complex huh?! No, apparently not.

Gameplay & Objective
You have a circle in your phone screen and 1 ball. Once you tapped, the ball will begin to fall. The objective is to match whatever the ball color is with the bottom of the circle. If the ball is orange, then you have to rotate the circle until the base of the circle is orange. Then you are safe for one round.

Once the ball hit the ground, the ball will change its color to another color, say green. Then you need to again rotate the circle so that the base is green. Do this over and over until you gain highest score.

2 game modes
2 Game modes: one-way rotate and two-way rotate.

In one-way rotate mode, the game doesn’t care whether you tap on left or right of the screen, it will keep rotating in 1 direction. That means you need to really act quickly. Once you see the ball color, you have to quickly tap the circle to make sure the base of the circle match with the ball color.

In two-way rotate mode, when you tap on the left side of the screen, the circle will rotate clockwise, when you tap on the right side of the screen, the circle will rotate anti-clockwise. You have to decide which side of screen you need to tap in order to match the base with the ball color.

If you are looking to test how good is your agility, speed, accuracy, Spinny Circle is a great game to try with.

This game shows ads. However it has option to remove ads by purchasing its in-app purchase.
This app/game can be played offline/without internet access.
Current version 1.3 requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone 3GS and up, compatible with iPhone 6S
  • iPod Touch 5th Gen and up
  • iPad 2 and up 
  • iPad Mini and up

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